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Code of conduct

Code of conduct


Tollco manufactures and markets sustainable and efficient product solutions adapted to the market’s building regulations and needs aimed at water damage prevention in homes

We help to minimize the resource consumption and the health problems (asthma and allergies) that moisture damage and mold infestation cause and contribute to healthy buildings.

Tollco strives for long-term and trusting relationships. The Code of Conduct summarizes our overall guidelines and describes our values ​​and the requirements we place on employees and business partners

Our values ​​- SECURITY – INNOVATION and TRUST guide us in our daily work.

Code of conduct
Based on
ISO 14001 and 9001
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related UN conventions
UN Global Compact


Compliance with laws

  • We comply with laws, rules and regulations that apply in the markets in which we operate. We demand that
    our business partners act in a similar way.
  • We do not accept corruption


Human rights and business relations

  • We work long-term and systematically to develop the work environment and promote employees’ health, to prevent injuries and illness.
  • The business must be conducted in premises that are appropriate, functional, accessible and adapted for everyone.
  • We do not take a political position
  • We do not accept abusive discrimination or discrimination
  • We do not accept child labor
  • We protect the right to freedom of association
  • We safeguard fair terms of employment



  • We protect the climate and the environment in accordance with the prepared environment and quality policy
  • Our quality system is based on many years of exchange of experience between customers, suppliers, company management and staff
  • We work continuously to optimize material and resource efficiency
  • We demand from our suppliers that their products and services are compatible with our environment and quality policy.
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