Water damage?

Prevent water damage with Tollco!

Core values

  • Confidence
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  • New thinking
  • Trust
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We are specialists in products preventing water damage

Water damage?

Prevent water damages, Tollco has a comprehensive concept within water damage prevention products. We have solutions for kitchen, villa, cottage, apartment, office and public environments.

Tollco’s core values are, Confidence-Decisiveness for Customer, Supplier and Employees, through reliability, experience and knowledge. New thinking-Create inspiring opportunities through development with the goal in focus. Trust-Respect for Human, Environment and
material. These three terms describe how we think when we work!

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Tollco also has a number of NonStick products that facilitate the cooking and baking work in the kitchen.



Tollco AB acquires WaterFuse from Prevecta AB. Read more under menu news!

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  • WaterFuse-Appartment
  • WaterFuse-Kitchen
  • WaterFuse-Cottage
  • WaterFuse-Equipment
  • WaterFuse-Public area
  • My job as a seller at Tollco involves varying working days with fairs, customer visits, meetings and presentations. In order to succeed in my job, it´s all about planning, at the same time as you have to be prepared to see sudden things constantly appear. Helping people has always been of great interest to me and to come out to the customer, listen to the customer's needs and to give them a solution to their problems is the biggest motivation for me. Tollco is a strong, growing company which makes it extra interesting as there is good opportunity for the individual to develop in his workplace
    • Emma Eriksson
    • Sales
  • Tollco is a caring company, the entire staff receive treatment once a month by naprapat / masseuse and also group training once a week, together with colleagues. It's good because we usually have a very high pace, it strengthens Team feeling! There is scope for development within the company, it feels good that you can grow and get new tasks and responsibilities.
    • Sara Danielsson
    • Production