Prevent water damage

Watersafe Kitchen

Discover our extensive product concept that prevents water damage in kitchens.


Watersafe Kitchen – prevent water damage

Dishwasher trays.

Appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and freezers are often the root cause of many hidden water damages. Tollco has developed trays for these appliances that effectively collect and lead away water that has emerged after a leak. Our systems FoolProof & Aquateam are easy to install and make it possible to detect the water leakage at an early stage.

Watersafe Kitchen

Prevent water damage.

Tollco´s main task is – to protect homes and properties from water damage. Our concept is called Watersafe Kitchen, a complete system of water damage prevention products for kitchens – a result of more than 20 years of industry experience and sales.

All products included in the Watersafe Kitchen are designed to collect, lead, alarm or turn off the water. These products are installed in areas where the risk of leakage is imminent. Watersafe Kitchen creates security for both property owners and installers.

Watersafe Kitchen – prevent water damage

Water alarms that detect the leak in time.

A water alarm is placed in risk areas, for example under the dishwasher, in the sink cabinet, at the floor heating center or behind the aquarium. When the water alarm comes into contact with water, it gives off a warning signal. Our smart water alarms are available in three different models and are a simple solution to detect an ongoing water leak.

Tollco’s water alarms:

  • DropStop 200
  • DropStop 600
  • DropStop 700


Be safe with Watersafe Kitchen.

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