Tollco Water alarm 3 volt built-in sensor

Cotton or tape sensors can be attached. Also works as detector for Tollco Leakage switch Wireless detector.


Water alarm 3 volt built-in sensor

Tollco water alarm 3 V built-in sensor reduces the risk of suffering water damage. The water alarm is placed under what is to be monitored and continuously detects whether it receives water on them. If it gets water on it, it alarms with a sound and light signal.

The water alarm is constantly on and monitors with the sensors and reacts immediately when it has indicated water. Ev. supplied external water sensors are easily connected to the water alarm via two contacts on each side of the device.

The water alarm is a perfect complement to Tollco’s floor and appliance protection.

It's as simple as this:

  • Alarms when a water leak occurs
  • Easy to install
  • Battery with a two-year lifespan
  • Upgradable to leakage breaker

Complete package includes:

1 water alarm including internal sensors.
2 cable 1.5m with 1 water sensor.
2 pcs 1.5v standard battery.

Product RSK-nr Article nr Size (mm)
Tollco Water alarm 3 volt 3 sensors 5214000 26063102 60x35x90
Fits RSK-nr Article nr
Tollco Leakage switch 2.4 GHz 5216712 26065403
Extra devices RSK-nr Article nr
Water sensor cotton 5216582 2230011
Water sensor tape 5216612 2230022
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