Wine coolers

Vattenans.43x59cm med etikett snett fram Renderad 900x506

Appliances – Wine coolers

Drip protection in plastic adapted to built-in and integrated wine coolers.
Place this drip guard under your wine cooler, for extra safety against water leakage on the floor and kitchen fittings.

The drip protection is designed to let water flow towards the front edge, which gives you the chance to detect even smaller water leaks in good time.

Very easy to empty and clean.

Easy installation

All that is needed is to wipe the floor surface clean. Remove the protective film from the tape (which is located in the front edge). Place the cover on the floor, slide in behind the edge against the wall. press over the tape so it attaches securely. Put the wine cooler in place. Clear!

  • The product is made of impact-resistant PP-Plastic (Polypropen).
  • The product is tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01 by RISE.
  • The product is accepted in Byggvarubedömningen, Byggsvanen and Sundahus.
  • Sold in well-stocked DIY stores and at plumbing wholesalers.
  • Made in Sweden.
Product RSK-no Article no Measure (mm)
Vinkyl Standard 15 cm 8080867 3008002-01-020 146x465x40
Vinkyl Standard 30 cm 8080868 3008004-01-020 296x465x40
Vinkyl Standard 40 cm 8080869 3008006-01-020 396x465x40
Vinkyl Standard 50 cm 8080872 3008008-01-020 496x465x40
Vinkyl Standard 60 cm 8080873 3008010-01-020 596x465x40

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