Kyl-frys 60x60cm med etikett snett fram Renderad 900x506

Standard fridge and freezer – K-series

Standard fridge freezer, driptrays. The concealed floor area under the appliances is protected from condensation and leakage. Any water leakage is led to become visible. Standard driptrays Fridge / Freezer is available in several different standard sizes. There are also extra-wide refrigerators (K75) and side-by-side cabinets (K90) or extra deep applienses.

If you want a protection that is sufficient for both fridge freezer (standard size), use K120 cm.

The installation instructions for leakage shields are easy to understand. All moments are displayed using pictures.

All products in our Standard-series have installation instructions that are accepted by Säkervatten. They are also included in the RSK database used in the HVAC industry.

Durable and industry approved

  • The product is made of impact-resistant PP-Plastic (Polypropen).
  • The product is tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01 by RISE.
  • The product is accepted in Byggvarubedömningen, Byggsvanen and Sundahus.
  • Sold in well-stocked DIY stores and at plumbing wholesalers.
  • Made in Sweden.
  • Size refers to the interior cabinet width.
Product RSK-no Measure (mm)
Standard 55 cm 8039032 3003002-01-015 556 x 530 mm
Standard 60 cm 8080858 3003005-01-020 596 x 580 mm
Standard 70 cm 8080859 3003007-01-010 700 x 580 mm
Standard 75 cm 8080964 22020304 750 x 580 mm
Standard 90 cm 8080965 22020308 912 x 680 mm
Standard 120 cm 8080860 3003013-01-010 1190 x 580 mm
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