Tollco Water alarm 230 volts, external sensor | DropStop 700


Install a 230vac water alarm

With the water alarm Tollco Water Alarm 230 volts with external sensor, you avoid boring surprises in the form of leaks and water damage. Place the water sensors in all hidden spaces that are sensitive to moisture – for example under the dishwasher, in the sink cabinet, fridge, freezer, aquarium, underfloor heating plant or culverts, pipe shafts and slots.

When the water alarm detects water, the unit alarms with a clear alarm signal. In this way, the leak can be quickly identified and remedied immediately. The water sensors are never consumed, but can only be dried and reused in the same way.

The water alarm is powered by 230vac and mounted in a standard 230vac wall socket. The socket can still be used for, for example, a dishwasher.

Why Tollco Water Alarm 230 volt with external sensor?

  • Identify and rectify the leak immediately!
  • Easy installation and low investment
  • Can be used in all types of damp spaces
  • Reusable water sensors
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