Tollco Wet Zone Kitchen - Floor Protection

Available in several different sizes and are adaptable to build a wet zone under your kitchen fittings and your appliances.

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Tollco Wet Zone kitchen – floor protection

Protect the floor under the cabinet frames in the kitchen. There are two different types of floor protection that work in slightly different ways. Floor protection Sink cabinet, is a closed trough that collects water under the sink cabinet in the event of a leak. This can be combined with a water-tight alarm, a so-called leakage circuit breaker or a flood protection, such as AquaDrain or AquaLink.

An alternative is also to link the protection with a base that has outlets such as Floor protection for Dishwasher and Washing machine. This is done with our clamp AquaClip.

Picture number two in the slideshow above shows Floor protection for Sink cabinets on the left and Floor protection for Dishwasher and Washing machine on the right, linked with the clamp AquaClip.

Floor protection Dishwasher and Washing machine (picture number three), is a combined dishwasher / washing machine / floor protection. Unlike Floor protection for Sink cabinets, this has an outlet so water can be led forward to be visible.

See our system descriptions.

  • The product is made of impact-resistant PP-Plastic (Polypropen).
  • The product is tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01 by RISE.
  • The product is accepted in Byggvarubedömningen, Byggsvanen and Sundahus.
  • Sold in well-stocked DIY stores and at plumbing wholesalers.
  • Made in Sweden.

Why Watersafe kitchen?

  • Avoid water damage
  • Save money
  • Market's smartest products
  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations
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