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Tollco Water alarm 9 volts with built-in sensor – at least 10 years of life

This flexible small unit can easily be placed in high-risk areas and quickly detect a water leak. The low cost per individual water alarm makes it possible to place the majority of Tollco Water Alarm 9 volts with a built-in sensor in the property, e.g. in cabinets, pipe shafts, inspection hatches and other hidden surfaces with water connections where water leaks often occur.

Should a leak occur, the built-in moisture sensor sucks up the water and activates the high alarm signal of approx. 85 dB. Flexible huh? Since the battery is only consumed when the alarm is activated, the lifespan is up to 10 years before the 9-volt battery must be replaced.

The battery can sound at full volume for at least 4 days and with decreasing volume for at least another 10 days. While a 10-year-old battery can alarm for at least 2 days and with decreasing volume for at least another 5 days. If you are unsure of the strength of the alarm, there is a test function where you can test the status of the battery. In the event that the water alarm has sounded, it is used up.

Tollco offers a total concept for preventing and detecting water damage. Within Waterproof kitchen and WaterFuse, there is a range of products for the purpose, where Tollco Water Alarm 9 volt with built-in sensor is a perfect complement to, for example, our leakage protection.

Why Tollco Water Alarm 9 volt with built-in sensor?

  • Low investment
  • Easy installation
  • The battery is not consumed until the alarm is activated by water, which gives a very long life
  • Long service interval / Battery replacement every ten years
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