Pro fridge and freezer – K-series

Pro fridge and freezer drip trays collects and carry out condensation and leaking water. The hidden floor surface under the refrigerator and freezer can then be protected from water damage.

Easy installation

It is very easy to install Pro for refrigerators and freezers. All that is needed is to wipe the floor surface clean. Remove the protective film from the tape (which is located in the front edge). Place the cover on the floor, slide in behind the edge against the wall. press over the tape so it attaches securely. Put the fridge in place. Done!

  • The product is made of impact-resistant PP-Plastic (Polypropen).
  • The product is tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01 by RISE.
  • The product is accepted in Byggvarubedömningen, Byggsvanen and Sundahus.
  • Sold in well-stocked DIY stores and at plumbing wholesalers.
  • Made in Sweden.
Product RSK-no Measure (mm)
K60 8039002 516058 585 x 600 x 50

Why Watersafe kitchen?

  • Avoid water damage
  • Save money
  • Market's smartest products
  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations
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