Standard Integrated

K56x52,5cm Snett fram med etikett 900x506

The standard series for integrated refrigerators and freezers

This page refers to the Standard Series integrated condensation protection/leakage protection that is placed on the base of the cabinet in builtin cabinets. The fridge-freezer is then lifted onto the driptray in the cupboard.

Integrated refrigerators and freezers need to be able to cool down at the back through an air flow that is sucked in from the bottom and released at the top of the cabinet. This is to prevent the compressor from overheating and breaking. Read the installation instructions for the appliance to ensure you have the correct airflow.

Our integrated condensation trays have improved features such as:

  • The folded front that holds the drip tray in the correct position and protects the front of the shelf,
    and which during installation prevents the tray from sliding backwards and blocking the air flow in the cabinet. We have also lowered the rear fold to optimize the air flow.
  • They are designed to gather condensation and leakage water that can drain into hidden spaces under the fridge-freezer and which is led out in front of the fridge-freezer. In this way, you prevent and avoid unnecessary water damage to the cabinet and the building construction of the property.

There are several depths and widths for the integrated condensation protection, see matrix and product sheet below.

The installation instructions for the leak guards are easy to understand. All stages are shown with the help of pictures. All underlays in the Standard series have installation instructions that are accepted by Säker Vatten. They are also included in the RSK database used in the plumbing industry.

Wear-resistant and industry-approved

  • The product is made of impact-resistant PP-Plastic (Polypropylene).
  • The product has been tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01 by RISE.
  • The product is accepted in Byggvarobedömningen, Byggsvanen and Sundahus.
  • Sold in well-stocked hardware stores and plumbing wholesalers.
  • Made in Sweden.
  • Size refers to internal cabinet width.
Product RSK-nr Article nr Size (mm) WxDxH
Tollco Driptray integrated refrigerators and freezers 56×54 cm 8081011 22020314 556x535x40
Tollco Driptray integratefd refrigerators and freezers 71×53 cm 8093004 22021001 702x530x40
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