About Tollco

Between Stockholm and Uppsala, you find Knivsta, where Tollco AB has office and manufacturing under the same roof. We have specialized in products for the prevention of water damage. We have focused on kitchens in the first place, but with WaterFuse, we cover the entire house. WaterFuse also has solutions for offices and public environments. We call the whole product concept “Watersafe Kitchen”. Throughout the years we have been active in the industry we have accumulated considerable experience and a lot of knowledge. We know how to prevent water damage. We want to help reduce water damage. At the same time, costs and inconveniences that follow a water damage are also reduced. It reduces resource consumption and saves our environment!

You can read more about water damage here


Tollco works closely with insurance companies. We often lecture at seminars on how to prevent water damage. Do you live in an apartment? Invite us to your (BRF) association and you will know what you can do to avoid unnecessary damage.


We organize training for fitters and craftsmen. It is not difficult to assemble the products. Our assembly instructions are simple and approved by Säkervatten.

The products shall be installed according to industry regulations for Säker vatteninstallation 2016: 1.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us, we´ll tell you how to prevent water damage.

Tollco AB, vi förhindrar vattenskada

Tollco is more than just water damage prevention

Another way to promote the environment and health is through TFX Nonstick. Reusable, nonstick liners for cooking and baking. Our TFX nonstick products are used by both home bakers and fast food chains. Many have seen the advantage of replacing paper to TFX Nonstick.

What can you find at Tollco?

  • Water damage prevention products for kitchens, villas, equipment etc
  • Smart accessories for the oven, grill and cooking
  • Products specially adapted for professional use