Warranty and Complaints

1. General

Tollco’s minimum rules are always based on the Swedish Consumer Sales Act (konsumentköplagen) and AA VVS 09 and Avtal 90 version 2014 combined with software and services.

Tollco’s product range is to some extent subject to different forms of rules on complaints, warranty coverage and estimated service life.

Product service life is not discussed in this documentation.

The Swedish Consumer Sales Act only applies to sales to private individuals, not to companies. For companies, we always use AA VVS 09 and Avtal 90 version 2014 for all transactions. This must be specified in all quotes and documents for order processing.

The Swedish Consumer Sales Act entitles a private individual to claim defects in the product for 24 months if it is considered a building component.

The warranty is also optional for the seller if they wish to offer it and it is then important to state what is guaranteed and what is NOT guaranteed and that care and instructions must be followed. We follow the Tollco warranty category divisions below.

2. Summary

There is a difference between complaints and warranties

  • Complaints are when it is stated immediately upon delivery (or within 36 months) that the product is defective from delivery.
  • Warranty is when the product has worked, but then breaks.

The deadline for a complaint or warranty claim is within 2 months of the defect occurring. After that, it is a matter of negotiation as to whether it should have been complained about earlier.

Complaint and warranty times

Customer category Private Company
Law Swedish Consumer Sales Act AA VVS 09 and Avtal 90 version 2014
Complaints, all components 6 months 24 months Defective at delivery, the seller must prove that it worked at delivery.
Complaints, Building components 36 months 24 months Defective at delivery, the purchaser must prove that it did not work at delivery
60 months For contracts that require 60 months. If the contract specifies the manufacturer
of products in the procurement, 24 months applies.


Product category code Warranty period
FoolProof 10 25 years Does not apply to tape attachment to external materials
AquaTeam 20 10 years Does not apply to tape attachment to external materials
Seals 30 10 years
Sewer drainage 40 10 years
DropStop 50 2 years Does not apply to batteries
WaterFuse 60 10 years Does not apply to electronics that have a 2-year warranty.
2 X arms 91 2 years


3. Tollco offers the following warranty

Warranty and limitation of liability

In addition to the terms of the Swedish Consumer Sales Act, a 0 to 22-year functional warranty is provided on the product. See summary regarding the warranty period for the product in question.

The warranty means that the product must be free from defects in design and function under normal use and care. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase, which must be proven by a receipt from the place of purchase. The warranty assumes that the product has been installed in an appropriate and professional manner and in accordance with written instructions.

If you have questions or problems with your product, first contact the dealer who sold or installed your equipment. Before complaining/reporting a defect about your broken product, please read the operating instructions and, if possible, check that all settings are correct. The warranty means that defective parts or components are replaced with the same non-defective product along with shipping. The customer is responsible for all costs unless the Swedish Consumer Sales Act is applicable. This means that any inspection and installation costs are not included in the warranty commitment.

If possible, use original packaging if the product needs to be transported. Transport companies do not compensate for damage if the product has been poorly packaged.

The warranty does not apply to defects that occur during or after the customer’s own change of the product’s function and/or appearance, upgrading or other configuration of the product without written approval.

The warranty is not covered by defects that have occurred as a result of external influences or external conditions that have changed in a way that affects the product’s properties and function, ex changes of standards and regulations.

The warranty does not cover defects that have arisen through accident or tampering. The warranty does not cover deterioration that has occurred after the purchase if the seller makes it probable that the deterioration is due to neglect or improper maintenance or the device has been used other than as intended, that inappropriate measures have been taken or unauthorised or incorrect interventions have been made or that the use and care instructions were not followed.

The floor protection tape’s attachment to the floor or walls is not covered by the warranty.

Batteries count as consumables and are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty, complaint, liability for product, product liability only applies to the supplier’s product linked to products and rights owned by the supplier. If delivery to the customer takes place with all or part of the customer’s owned products, software and or rights or if this is performed by the customer or third party after delivery, the customer is fully responsible for these and their impact. In this case, the supplier is completely absolved of all responsibility.

The retailer is not responsible for loss or damage of any kind caused by this product. In any case, liability is strictly limited to replacement of the product.

Read more about the Swedish Consumer Sales Act

Complaint and warranty times

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