Sealing tape kit

The most necessary seals for sink inserts and floor protection, including hole-making tools.


Tollco Sealing tape kit

Formable, elastic seals. Waterproof, with great adhesion. Does not shrink or dry. Many applications adhere to all dry clean surfaces.

With this product, you can easily seal pipe penetrations in your sink cabinet to get the cabinet tight between the sink insert and the pipes, the same applies to the floor protections in our Wet Zone range.

This product is included in Waterproof kitchen. Sold in well-stocked DIY stores, white goods chains and at plumbing wholesalers.

This contains white single-adhesive, black double-adhesive and gray mouldable seal adapted for our products as well as assembly instructions and cutting tools.

NOTE. Silicone and latex sealants do not adhere to PP plastic, so you need our seals against our leakage protection.

Article no: 590030
RSK number: 3829933

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