Floor protection - Sink cabinet

This floor protection is adapted to be placed under sink cabinets, is available in different widths and is connected to Floor protection for Dish and Washing Machine.

G 60x41cm med etikett snett fram Renderad 900x506

Floor protection sink cabinet

Floor protection sink cabinets are used under cabinet frames in the kitchen. It is a closed trough with folded sides so it collects water if a leak occurs. When installing this type of leakage protection, it is important that you supplement with a water-tight alarm, a so-called leakage circuit breaker. Or, if you are building new, then you supplement with our flood protection kitchen with non-return valve, AquaDrain and a standard water alarm.

Pair with Floor protection Dishwasher and washing machine and white goods underlay Standard

Our floor protectors are perfect to connect with a dishwasher pad or with Floor protection Dishwasher and washing machine. You make it easy with our rim clip AquaClip. If you choose to link the floor protection with another leakage protection, you only need to supplement with a simple water alarm.

Product RSK-no Art.no Measure (mm)
40 cm 8080771 3005002-01-015 396 x 415 mm
60 cm 8080772 3005004-01-015 596 x 415 mm
80 cm 8080773 3005006-01-015 796 x 415 mm
90 cm 8080774 3005008-01-015 896 x 415 mm

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