Tollco – Seals Flex sleeve couplings

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Tollco – Seals Flex sleeve couplings

Tollco Flex sleeve couplings are adapted for new installation of sink cabinets.
Flex sleeve couplings provide a waterproof penetration that protects the sink cabinet and the kitchen floor from water damage and is used when installing a new kitchen, as the sleeve couplings can be installed over the pipes.

Flex sleeve couplings effectively seal around pipes/hoses and against the base surface (base cabinet insert) and prevent water damage.  Flex sleeve couplings have a rigid PP frame with an elastic stretchable TPE membrane with a hole for pipe penetration.
The new Flex sleeve couplings for pipes and hose penetrations are available in two sizes and are specially adapted for drain pipes/hoses with outer dimensions Ø45–88mm and for tap water pipes Ø10–27mm.

Tollco Flex sleeve couplings are tested by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and meet the requirements for moisture and water resistance.


  • Glue-free flexible seal around pipes
  • Tested by RISE
  • Insurance companies appreciate for waterproofing your kitchen
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