Available in 7 different models. B40, B50, B60, B70, B80, B90 and B100 which are adjustable in depth and width.


Discover the leak in time, save money and hassle

  • Collects and leads to water leakage.
  • Provides a dense and smooth cabinet base that is easy to keep clean.
  • Waterproofing layer of PP plastic with punched lines and waterproof tape.
  • Placed directly on the bottom of the cabinet when you are renovating a kitchen or building a new one.
  • Available in standard sizes from width 30cm to 100cm and maximum depth 60cm.
  • For cabinets with water pipes and pipe penetrations, you create a dense surface layer with the addition of Tollco Sealing Tape Set or Tollco Sealing Set with sockets and Tollco Feedthrough for dishwasher hoses / Diaflex.
  • NOTE Silicone does not adhere to these products, therefore only use Tollco seals.

The product is tested and approved by RISE, type approval 0505/01 and is accepted in the Building Product Assessment. Sold in well-stocked DIY stores and at plumbing wholesalers.

Made in Sweden.


  • These can also be joined for larger dimensions and to be placed in corner cabinets.
  • Special measurements can be ordered from us.

You may also need

  • To install the worktop insert, you also need a sealing set with Diaflex / hose bushing to seal around pipes and hose.
  • Install a water alarm that warns of water leakage.
Product RSK-no Article no Measure width (mm) Measure max depth (mm)
Tollco Sinkliner 40cm. 8080934 3000022-04-010 300-400mm 600mm
Tollco Sinkliner 50cm. 8080935 3000023-04-010 400-500mm 600mm
Tollco Sinkliner 60cm. 8080936 3000024-04-010 500-600mm 600mm
Tollco Sinkliner 70cm. 8080937 3000025-04-010 600-700mm 600mm
Tollco Sinkliner 80cm. 8080938 3000026-04-010 700-800mm 600mm
Tollco Sinkliner 90cm. 8080939 3000027-04-010 800-900mm 600mm
Tollco Sinkliner 100cm. 8080940 3000028-04-010 900-1000mm 600mm
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