Floortray for dishwasher and laundrymachines

GD60-vikt-artnr-3002002-01-020-2-870x480 (1)

Floortray for dishwasher and laundrymachines

Located directly on the floor under the kitchen cabinet before the kitchen is fitted. The hidden floor area is protected. Any water leakage is led through the outlet at the base to become visible. Available in several different standard sizes that can be customized to different widths. These can also be cut for larger measurements as well as for insertion into a corner cabinet. The installation instructions are easy to follow and approved by Säkervatten.

Connect as a system

The floortray for dishwasher and laundrymachines is perfect for pairing with a floortray for kitchencabinet. You make it easy with a rim clamp -AquaClip. If you like you could also add a simple water alarm that whistles if a leak occurs.

The tray is made of impact resistant PP-Plastic. The product has been tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01. The product is accepted in the Byggvarubedömningen. Sold in well-stocked building department stores and at VVS wholesalers.

Manufactured in Sweden.

Product RSK-nr Art.nr Measure (mm)
45 cm 8080775 3002016-01-015 446 x 495 mm
60 cm 8039039 3002002-01-020 596 x 495 mm
80 cm 8039040 3002004-01-015 790 x 495 mm
90 cm 8039041 3002006-01-015 890 x 495 mm
120 cm 8039042 3002008-01-015 1190 x 495 mm

Why Watersafe kitchen?

  • Avoid water damage
  • Save money
  • Market´s smartest products
  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations