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2Xarm – two extra arms – an ergonomic and time-saving tool for kitchen mounting mm.

Save time, money and above all your back! When installing a kitchen, you can choose to mount the worktop first and use the short model. However, if you want to install the wall cabinet / overcap first, then the associated extension pipes are used to get the correct height.

2Xarm has slots in the lower plates to be placed over the worktop body and standing steadily. In the slots of the upper slabs, place one or two slabs to allow multiple overcaps to be placed before fixing to the wall. Adjust to the right height and “in wave” by spinning the pipes and the bottom plate. A threaded rod runs in the lower part of the structure, the upper plate is adjusted upwards or downwards so that the correct height is achieved before fixing.

When installing a free-standing kitchen fan over a kitchen island, two dishes can be used. See picture below. It is rubber-covered at the top and bottom to protect the worktop and cabinet. 2Xarm is not dependent on a wall, but can stand for itself.

2Xarm has a low weight, thanks to the construction with the extension tubes, all parts are packed in a small bag to easily carry on to different workplaces! 

Why Watersafe kitchen?

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  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations