Avoid unnecessary leakage with our water fault circuit breaker – Waterfuse

Accidental water damage is the worst fear of all homeowners. With Tollco’s complete water fault circuit breaker Waterfuse, you do not have to worry about devastating water leaks occurring. With our easy-to-use and safe water fault circuit breaker, you can easily turn off the water, both for preventive purposes and in the event of an acute leak.

Feel completely safe by turning off the water supply with a simple push of a button when you leave the property, office, home or summer cottage. Should the accident occur, the system alerts the water leak and automatically shuts off the water. After all, the greatest water damage occurs when no one is in place.

The Waterfuse water fault circuit breaker can be adapted based on your needs – protect individual equipment or the entire house.

This is how the Waterfuse Water Fault Switch works

  • Turns off the water when no one is in place – automatically or via alarm or push of a button.
  • Detects, alarms and shuts off if water is detected during e.g. dishwasher.
  • Pressure tests automatically water installation after small drip leakage. Only certain systems.
  • Temperature monitor – shuts off the water if there is a risk of frostbite. Only certain systems.

Here you can use the water fault circuit breaker Waterfuse

When is a water fault circuit breaker useful?

  • In offices to protect against water damage from coffee machines or other water-connected equipment. A water leak from a coffee machine can quickly cause a major water damage and often even on the floor below. Use WaterFuse Equipment.
  • In changing rooms or public toilets where vandalism of sinks with water damage is likely to occur. If no one is present, the water should not be on either. Avoid this with WaterFuse-Public environment.
  • Our villas are filled more and more with water-connected products. Place water sensors under the equipment as in any case. leakage alarms and shuts off the entire water system. An automatic pressure test of the piping system is performed regularly and finds hidden leaks down to 5 ml / h. If no one is home, it is easy to turn off the water with WaterFuse-Villa.
  • In apartments, the risk of water leakage from pipe systems is concentrated in the kitchen. Use our WaterFuse-Apartment or WaterFuse-Kitchen systems to protect you.
  • The summer cottage can often be difficult to turn off the water to p.g.a. the installation. Install WaterFuse-Cottage for easy on and off that can be handled by everyone who visits the cottage. Feel free to complement with water sensors for exposed places such as during e.g. sink cabinet.
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