WaterFuse – Kitchen

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WaterFuse® – Kitchen, developed to protect the kitchen from water damage

The kitchens are getting more and more water connected devices, while there is no waterproofing and floor drain that can handle a water leak. In the sink cabinets, we often have a large number of connections to the tap, dishwasher, etc. Meanwhile, we have waste pipes from the sink and dishwasher with a number of joints, which does not always fits quite as intended. This is one of the reasons that kitchens have over 30% of all water damage in a house and are even higher in the apartments.

Water sensors are placed under the sink and dishwasher on the waterproof cover installed there. Water sensors have a cable with plug fitted directly into the central unit.

The central unit and the valves are placed in the sink cabinet. When a water sensor detects water it sends a signal to the central unit, that immediately starts an alarm and turn off the water.