WaterFuse - House


WaterFuse – House: a complete water fault circuit breaker for the house

Worried that your home has hidden water damage that you do not know about? WaterFuse – Villa is a complete system that minimizes the risk of water damage in single-family homes. The system effectively detects water leakage, even as minimal as 5 ml / h. Water detectors turn off the main water line and alert if water is detected. The user-friendly remote unit makes the system easy to use daily.

This is how simple it is

So, how does it work? The water is turned off via a remote unit at the front door. If e.g. the dishwasher is running, delayed shutdown is selected with a simple push of a button. Automatic leakage control is performed in turn each time the water is turned off and can identify leaks that are from 5 ml / h. Thus, early hidden joints are found that have begun to leak. The water detector is placed under exposed places such as at washing machines and continuously senses for water leaks. If it detects water, it alarms by sending a signal to the central unit which immediately shuts off the main water line. With WaterFuse®, the property gets a daily quality control of the pipe system.

Painless installation

The WaterFuse system various parts communicate wirelessly and can be quickly and easily installed by a plumber. No other costly craftsmen are needed for the painless implementation. The central unit is powered by a 12 v DC adapter that is included in the package together with detailed installation instructions. The water fault circuit breaker comes in a number of designs depending on which functions the customer needs. The package called “Complete” contains a water detector and a remote unit, while “Extra Water Detector” and “Remote unit” can be purchased separately. As many as 16 water fault circuit breakers can be installed on a central unit.

Avoid hidden faults and dripping taps

WaterFuse® gives the property a daily quality control of the pipe system. This thus reduces the risk of hidden faults in the building, which is obviously positive on the day when the property is to be sold. Unnecessary running water costs are unfortunately common in many villas, often with discolored toilets as a result. Fortunately, our product detects dripping faucets or running toilets before the problem has time to take off.

Encouraged by insurance companies

As is well known, water damage annually entails large costs for the insurance companies. Therefore, many insurance companies support and encourage the installation of a preventive water circuit breaker. Check with your insurance company about what applies and how much premium reduction can be obtained when installing WaterFuse – House.

Which WaterFuse – House do you need?

Name Article no RSK-no
House VFB101-DN20 561 98 30
House+Remote unit VFB111-DN20 561 98 32
House+Water detector VFB121-DN20 561 98 33
House Complete* VFB131-DN20 561 98 34

* The complete includes a Remote Unit and a Water Detector

Extra wireless devices Article no RSK-no
Remote unit 2220022 561 98 96
Water detector 2220042 561 98 97

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WaterFuse House - main features:

  • Easy closure when leaving the property
  • Automatic leakage control of the water system
  • Detects, switches off and alarms in case of leakage during ex. dishwasher
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