WaterFuse - Public area


WaterFuse – Public area Protects against vandalism

WaterFuse – Public area is designed to easily reduce the risk of vandalism leading to water damage.

The product has two main functions:

  • If the presence detector detects that someone is in the room, the water is switched on and the lighting is switched on.
  • If no presence is indicated, an adjustable delay starts, then the water is turned off and the lighting goes out.


Every year, many toilets and changing rooms in schools and public spaces are vandalized. The water damage is often extensive and the amounts to repair it are large. It can also take several months before the premises can be used again. The person who carried out the vandalism usually does not understand the costs that arise. If a culprit is found for the vandalism, the person is often affected by damages that are so high that the future economy can be hit hard.

Examples of vandalism that creates water damage:

  • to put towels in the sink and put on the water
  • to kick down toilets

A major water leak can mean that several cubic meters of water rush forward every hour.

Presence-based water supply

The product is based on the principle that if there is a presence, there is water, not otherwise. This means that if damage occurs as a result of vandalism, the water is automatically shut off when no one is in the room. The extent of the damage thus becomes much smaller and easier to repair.

The same presence detector used for the water is also used for the lighting. Thus, the place always has water when the lighting is on and when the lighting is off, the water is also turned off. A positive side effect is that no lighting is on unnecessarily and thus energy is saved. Taps that are forgotten to be switched on but that do not cause water damage are also switched off.

On the presence detector, the delay time is set for how long the water and lighting should be on after the presence detector no longer gives a result. The control unit can control up to three motorized ball valves and uses the control signal from the presence detector to be activated. The voltage in to the control unit is 230vac and out to the motor valves 12vdc. The ball valves are driven by 12vdc via the control unit. They have indicators on whether they are on or off and can also be operated manually. The ball valves only draw current during the movement itself. Two motorized valves are included with the product. If a third valve is required, it can be ordered separately.

Here is the product folder with more info!

WaterFuse retailer for private individuals (SE)

Here are water damage statistics from the Water Damage Center (SE)

Name Article no RSK-no
Public area VFB500-DN15 561 98 88
Public area VFB500-DN20 561 98 89

Proposal for presence detector, 2230171, Eljo Trend E131505. (Other presence detector can be used if it can control fluorescent lamps and reactive load)

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