• Easy shutdown when you leave your the property.

  • Detects, shuts down and alarms when leakage occurs during ex. dishwasher.

It’s as simple as this

The water is easily closed off via the remote unit at the front door. Is eg the dishwasher is selected for delayed shutdown. The water detector is placed under exposed places such as the washing machine. It continuously senses after water leaks. Detects the water that alarms it by sending a signal to the central unit that directly turns off the main water supply. The system has wireless communication between the different parts. It can be installed quickly and easily by a plumbing installer. No other craftsmen are needed. Detailed assembly instructions are included. The central unit is powered by a 12v dc adapter included in the package. There are different packages depending on which function you need. The package called Komplett contains a water detector and a remote unit. Extra Water Detector and Remote Unit can be purchased separately. Up to 16 pieces can be installed on a central unit.

Insurance companies

Water damage involves high costs for insurance companies. Therefore, many insurance companies support the installation of water fault switches. Check with your insurance company about what is applicable and how much premium reduction can be obtained.