WaterFuse - Cottage


WaterFuse – Cottage: Protects the cottage from water damage

The WaterFuse-Stuga water circuit breaker is designed to easily protect against water damage. The system is based on it being easy to turn off the water when leaving the house. At the same time as water detectors automatically turn off the water if they sense water e.g. under the dishwasher.

The water switch has three main functions:

  • Easy closure when leaving the property.
  • Detects, switches off and alarms in case of leakage during ex. dishwasher.
  • Temperature sensors in the water detectors turn off the water if there is a risk of freezing damage.

This is how simple it is

The water is easily turned off via the remote unit at the front door. Is e.g. the dishwasher is selected delayed shutdown. The water detector is placed under exposed places such as the washing machine. It continuously senses for water leaks. If it detects water, it alarms by sending a signal to the central unit which immediately shuts off the main water line. The system has wireless communication between the different parts. It can be quickly and easily installed by a plumbing installer. No other craftsmen are needed. Detailed assembly instructions included.

The central unit is powered by a 12 v dc adapter included in the package. There are different packages depending on which function you need. The package called Complete contains a water detector and a remote unit. Extra Water Detector and Remote Unit can be purchased separately. Up to 16 pieces can be installed on a central unit.

Liked by the insurance companies

Water damage entails large costs for the insurance companies. Therefore, many insurance companies support the installation of circuit breakers. Check with your insurance company about what applies and how much premium reduction can be obtained.

Here is the product folder with more info!

Retailer WaterFuse water switch for private individuals (SE)

Statistics from the Water Damage Center can be found here (SE)

Name Artikel no RSK-no
Stuga Komplett VFB193-DN20 561 98 65
Stuga VFB190-DN20 561 98 53
Stuga+Fjärrenhet VFB191-DN20 561 98 57
Stuga+vattendetektor VFB192-DN20 561 98 61
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