WaterFuse - PlugIn


WaterFuse – PlugIn

WaterFuse® – PlugIn easily protects against water damage. The system shuts off the water and alerts with a clear beep in the event of a leak. Uses motor valves mounted on the water line of the object to be monitored. The included water sensor is placed under the object.

This is how simple it is:

  • In the event of a leak, the water supply is interrupted.
  • Water sensor under the object being monitored.
  • Mounted directly in the wall socket.
  • Motor valve for “operational reliability”
  • Possibility to also disconnect the power supply to the device that is connected to the leakage circuit breaker.

Here is a brief product folder

Here you as a private person can buy WaterFuse (SE)

The following package solutions are available for WaterFuse PlugIn

Name Article no RSK-no Valve 1 Valve 2 Type
PlugIn VFB700-DN15 521 65 66 DN15 F/F
PlugIn VFB700-DN15x2 521 65 67 DN15 DN15 F/F
PlugIn VFB700-DN15M/F 521 66 84 DN15 M/F
PlugIn VFB700-DN20 521 65 68 DN20 F/F
PlugIn VFB700-DN20x2 521 65 69 DN20 DN20 F/F
PlugIn VFB700-DN20M/F 521 66 85 DN20 M/F
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