WaterFuse – Plug In

WaterFuse-PlugIn-870x480-mm (2)

WaterFuse Plug In

WaterFuse® – Plug In prevent waterdamage. The system turns off the water and alarms with a clear beep signal when leakeage occur. Uses engine valves mounted on the water pipe to the object to be monitored. The supplied water sensor is placed underneath the object.

  • Shuts off the water and power supply as well as alarms when leakeage occur.
  • Water sensor under the object being monitored.
  • Mounted directly into the wall socket.
  • Motor safety valve for “operational safety”

The following package solutions are available for WaterFuse Plug In

Name Art.nr RSKnr
WaterFuse Plug In VFB700-DN15 521 65 66
WaterFuse Plug In VFB700-DN15x2 521 65 67
WaterFuse Plug In VFB700-DN20 521 65 68
WaterFuse Plug In VFB700-DN20x2 521 65 69