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Protect your office from water damage with WaterFuse equipment

WaterFuse Equipment is a leakage circuit breaker that reduces the risk of water damage in the office. It can protect individual equipment or why not the entire kitchenette? Our offices are filled with increasingly water-connected equipment. We have coffee machines, dishwashers, water machines, ice machines and water-connected refrigerators. All to get a nicer work environment. Unfortunately, these equipment can start to leak and the office can suffer major water damage.

The leakage circuit breaker has three main functions:

  • Sensors that detect water leaks and switch off immediately.
  • A timer automatically shuts off the water in the evenings and nights.
  • The alarm or property control can turn off the water when no one is in place.

Good to know

Many equipment is connected to pressurized water. They usually do not have their own automatic shut-off in the event of a leak. If they have it, the weakest link, the hose to the machine, is not included, but only what is inside the machine.

How does it work?

The sensor is placed under the machine or area to be monitored. It continuously senses if it is getting water. If it does, the water is turned off immediately and a signal informs of a leak. Since the water from a broken hose does not always hit the sensor under the machine, WaterFuse Equipment is also equipped with additional functions.

  • In the morning, you simply turn on the water by pressing ON on the control unit. At the same time, a timer starts which automatically shuts off the water 12 hours later. If you want to turn off the water earlier, just press OFF on the control unit. If you want the water to be on constantly, there is also such a function.
  • The water can also be controlled automatically via alarm or property control. This means that when the property is alerted, the water to the machine is automatically switched off. When you sound the alarm, it switches on again.

What happens in the event of water damage?

A water leak in a modern office landscape brings with it major damage as there are usually no floor drains or thresholds. If a hose breaks, the water rushes forward at between 25-50 liters per minute. If no one is on site and can turn it off, it means several cubic meters of water every hour. When the accident is a fact, it often takes several months of extensive decontamination and dehumidification before the premises can be restored. Adjacent floors may also have been damaged in the meantime after the leak.

Here is the product folder with more info!

Dealer WaterFuse leakage breaker for private individuals (SE)

Water damage statistics can be found here (SE)

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