WaterFuse - Kitchen


WaterFuse – Kitchen, a simple, affordable and effective protection for the kitchen

WaterFuse – Kitchen, placed directly in the area it is to monitor, the kitchen. Water sensors monitor the water installations around the clock. In the event of a leak, the water flow is stopped immediately. The product’s main function is to detect, switch off and alarm in the event of a leak. (Mainly in hidden areas such as in or under the cabinet of the sink or under the dishwasher).

This is how simple it is:

  • The sensors are placed under the dishwasher and in / under the sink cabinet.
  • The central unit is placed in the cabinet under the sink.
  • The motorized valves are mounted on cold resp. the hot water pipes.

If the sensors get water, a signal goes to the central unit. The unit alarms with a beep and the valves immediately turn off all water to the kitchen. An easy way to stop a water leak quickly and efficiently.

Many safe benefits

Today, there are statistics that just over 30% of all water damage occurs in the kitchen. A contributing factor to this is probably that more and more machines are connected to water today. With WaterFuse-Kök, an opportunity is created to effectively protect yourself against water damage, without the cost or technology, for that matter pulling away.

Liked by the insurance companies

Water damage in kitchens often becomes extensive because they are not detected in time. This contributes to large costs for both the homeowner and the insurance companies. This is the reason why many insurance companies support the installation of water fault circuit breakers. Ask your insurance company what applies and if you can also get a premium reduction.

Here is the product folder with more info!

WaterFuse retailer for private individuals (SE)

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Kitchen VFB600-DN15 521 65 21
Kitchen VFB600-DN20 521 65 22
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