Questions about Tollco’s product range? Below, we have answered the most common inquiries.

Watersafe Kitchen

Where can I buy your products?

As a private individual, you can buy our products in well-sorted hardware stores such as K-Rauta, Beijer, XL-BYGG and others. As an installer or craftsman, our products are found at plumbing wholesalers such as Ahlsell, Gelia, Dahl and LundaGrossisten.

What does the rules of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning say?

You can find a consolidated version of Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building rules here. Renovating the kitchen? Read chapter 6 – it concerns hygiene, health and the environment. Here are sections on water connections in hidden surfaces, microbial growth etc.

What is a safe water installation?

A safe water installation means that you follow established industry rules. Here you can read them. 

I need to proof cabinet floor/floor area that is larger than the trays that exist, how can I solve it?

It is to join two trays together using double-sided sealing compound. See our PDF library for detailed instructions.

Why does my new water alarm beep?

The contacts for the sensors must be pressed in properly. Also check that the fabric-covered sensors are dry.

What kind of plastic are the trays made of?

All trays are made of recyclable PP (polypropylene) plastic.

What does type approval mean?

A type approval proves that the product has been tested and approved according to the rules and requirements that apply to this type of product. The tests have been carried out by an independent company, in our case RISE, that checks the products.

Which tray should I use for a built-in fridge / freezer?

In this case, use K55 or K56 depending on the depth and width of the cabinet.

What is RSK?

RSK is a type of article number used in the HVAC industry. Data about our products can be found in the RSK database.

Did we answer your question?

If not, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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