Sustainable solutions are the future


Preventing water damage does not only save you money, our products also protect people from illness and saves our environment.

Environmentally friendly products

We have an ambitious environmental policy that governs our choice of materials, working methods and manufacturing process. This means that we can be extra proud of our product range. Solutions that we market create better living conditions and environment – for example by preventing mold infestation and the enormous consumption of resources that water damage can end up with.

Our products should preferably be reusable and we never choose materials that contain environmentally or health hazardous substances. To guarantee environmentally friendly alternatives, the products included in the Watersafe Kitchen concept are type-approved by the Building Material Assessment (BvB) and RISE. Sunda hus and Byggsvanen get data from BvB.

  • Watersafe Kitchens are approved by the Building Material Assessment (BvB)
  • Type-approved products in Waterproof Kitchen by RISE
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • Meets the requirements for leak protection for appliances (certification rule 057)

Tollco’s environmental policy:

  • We constantly improve and develop new and existing products from an environmental perspective.
  • Tollco actively prevent contamination by conscious choice of materials and working methods and only deliver when the quality of the end product meets the customer's expectations.
  • Caring and consideration for the environment should permeate the business. Management and staff must therefore possess the necessary expertise in the environmental field.
  • Proposals for environmental improvement measures should be actively encouraged and followed up.
  • We follow environmental laws, government decisions and other requirements as a minimum level for our environmental work.


Quality according to Tollco:

  • We develop, manufacture and market both patented, pattern-protected and type-approved products.
  • Tollco's staff is constantly working to improve and broaden our product range based on the requirements and needs of our customers.
  • Our quality system is based on years of experience exchange between customers, company management and staff.
  • Ideas and development of new products and choice of materials are coordinated with technical expertise.
  • Proposals for quality improvement measures should be actively encouraged and followed up.
  • The production quality is assured by the work being carried out by our own trained technicians.
  • We carry out continuous inspection work which ensures the high quality of production.

Make it the last drop. Say goodbye to water damages.

Questions about our product range?

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