WaterFuse – House

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WaterFuse® – House

A complete system that minimizes the risk of water damage.

Water Detectors feel continuously whether the leaks occur at vulnerable locations such as dishwasher and alarm and turn off the water at the leak. When leaving the house shut the water off in the entire house with a press of the remote unit, or CPU, immediate or delayed, and turned on as easily.

When the water is off, an automatic leak check of the electronic pressure transducer. That means that even hidden defects that may exist inside the walls is identified and a daily quality control on the piping in the building carried out.

WaterFuse® – House has three main functions:

  1. Easy to shut-off the water when you leave home
  2.  Automatic leak check of the system
  3. Detects, shut down and an alarm in case of leakage under for example, dishwasher and washing machine.