Why waterproof kitchen


In this course, we provide information about the laws and regulations that govern construction and housing

BBR 6:51: ”Buildings must be designed so that moisture does not cause damage, bad smells or hygienic nuisances and microbial growth, which can affect human health.”

6:5334: ”if there is a risk of leaking water or condensation on hidden surfaces, outlets from these surfaces must be arranged so that the water becomes visible quickly.”

6:5331: ”… Joints, connections, fastenings and penetrations in watertight layers must be watertight.”

Moisture and mold cause health problems

WHO has established the link between moisture and mold in the indoor environment with common symptoms such as:

  • Mucosal and respiratory symptoms – Feeling of irritation or dryness in eyes, nose and throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, hoarseness, cough, recurrent respiratory infections, onset or worsening of asthma.
  • Skin symptoms – Feeling of heat or redness on the face and neck, dry, irritated skin, itching, rash, worsening of seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, urticaria or eczema.
  • General symptoms – Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headache, general malaise, odor hypersensitivity. There is a lack of good evidence for a connection between moisture / mold indoors and general symptoms. However, according to clinical experience, general symptoms may occur secondary to respiratory symptoms, especially rhinitis with nasal congestion.
  • Other problems – For example, experience of unpleasant odor, eg of mold, soil or basement.

Our concept Waterproof kitchen is developed to prevent and prevent water damage before the damage becomes too great and mold occurs.

Waterproof kitchen is a concept developed to minimize the risks of moisture, mold and water damage, which sneak leakage can cause in a kitchen. By combining a sink insert and white goods underlay, you can collect and lead leakage water, so that even very small amounts of water are detected in time. The products sink insert, seals and white goods coasters can be installed yourself or with the help of professionals both in connection with new installation and in already installed kitchens. With our products installed in the kitchen, the requirements set in the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s Building Rules are met.

Water damage begins in the same way

Virtually all damage begins in the same way with a few drops of water, which are not detected in time. Sometimes the leakage develops very quickly and the water flows or sprays out in such large quantities that all water supply must be shut off and help called.

The most difficult to clean up and costly water damage occurs, when the droplet continues for a long time without being detected. The sneak leakage also takes place when you are at home and think you have supervision and control over what is happening. The leakage water is absorbed by furnishings and building materials and is only visible when the construction is saturated or an unpleasant odor occurs.

You can also help prevent water damage and reduce ill health created by moisture and mold damage, book your course today!

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