Press release: Together – for a sustainable future

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Tollco and Hiotlabs has entered into a close collaboration with the aim of jointly revolutionizing the property industry by developing innovative products and smart systems, to prevent water damage in homes and properties, for a climate-smart and sustainable future.

Tollco’s experience in the field and Hiotlabs prevention platform Fairtrail complement each other very well, which gives our companies a unique position on the market. New innovative products and newly developed technology gives us the opportunity to optimize water damage prevention. With Tollco’s proven technology and the Hiotlabs state-of-the art platform, you no longer have to worry about your water connected devices suddenly giving you an unpleasant surprise in the form of a great water damage.

Tollco, with its good reputation, is very well known in the industry. For more than 20 years, we have developed products, services and training in how to prevent water damage. Together with Hiotlabs, we are now taking our water prevention damage solutions to a whole new level! “Our partnership with Hiotlabs brings Tollco to the very border of digitalization and create entirely new opportunities for our customers” says Thomas Andersson, CEO Tollco. Hiotlabs solid expertise from the insurance industry, digital platforms, technical solutions and machine learning will make early detection of deviations possible, provide users with hands-on recommendations and enable entirely new services. The communication possibilities are unlimited, and support can, in most cases be done remotely without involving the user at all.

As a potential user of our new products and systems you will contribute to less water use and a sustainable future as water damages have a negative environmental impact in the form of CO2 emissions. Your property will also become a healthier environment for staying in as the risk of mould spores will be minimized. These mould spores have been proven, through research, to be a major cause of many common diseases of today like asthma, allergy and eczema. Of all the innovative and smart things in your house property, we will offer a real opportunity to make a difference and give you increased security at the same time.

Together, we can contribute to a secure and safer housing and at the same time contribute to a climate-smart sustainable future. “We are obsessed with the idea that tech can make property damage a thing of the past” says Hiotlabs CEO Jonas Deibe.

Best regards

Thomas Andersson, CEO Tollco AB +46 76 895 21 59

Jonas Deibe, CEO Hiotlabs +46 73 890 71 10

Tollco has over 20 years experience in development, manufacturing, sales and training in water damage prevention products and systems for kitchens and properties. Tollco’s products are adapted, passive and active protection to give the property maximum protection. Customers are kitchen manufacturers, real estate companies, property owners, construction companies, insurance companies, white goods manufacturers, plumbing and construction wholesalers and installers. (

About Hiotlabs: Start-up founded in 2015. Hiotlabs develops hardware and software to prevent property damage. Our unique prevention platform Fairtrail leverage sensor data, image recognition and data analysis to provide households with timely recommendations. Customers are insurers, property owners and facility managers. (

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