Our Sustainability Journey – Your Success

Tollco is proud to be a small company with big ambitions. Our work with sustainability is not just a strategy but a conviction. Our products are not only efficient but also more environmentally friendly. For example, we do not use aluminum, unlike our European competitors. By choosing our products, our customers contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and the preservation of natural resources.

“Right now, we are working on developing a framework to compile the data our major customers need for reporting under the EU’s CSRD directive together with an external partner,” says Cecilia Arnberg, Quality and Environmental Manager at Tollco.

The EU’s climate law stipulates climate goals of a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a 90% reduction by 2040, and climate neutrality by 2050. Tollco is deeply committed to supporting these goals and helping our customers do the same.

“We are already assisting our customers in reporting their environmental impact in accordance with the EU’s CSRD directive because sustainability is important to us,” says Clas Olsson, Marketing Manager at Tollco.

Large companies as well as small and medium-sized listed companies are required to report their environmental impact starting in 2025.

Tollco’s products prevent water damage. By installing them, our customers avoid costly repairs. The products also contribute to reduced energy consumption and waste management, which minimizes our customers’ environmental footprint.

“We strive to be leaders in our industry by offering customized solutions and personal service that help our customers meet the new sustainability requirements,” says Clas Olsson.

Tollco continuously works to make all products more sustainable. The company reviews material choices and design to extend the products’ lifespan and increase the possibility of reusing materials and components.

Choose Tollco as your sustainability partner. Together, we create a better future.

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