Always safe, wet or dry

We deliver system solutions as well as individual products to minimize the risk of water leakage in eg. housing, schools and offices. Many wholesalers store parts of our range but we are always available to help you and your customers if special solutions are required. We find a good alternative.

A complete solution

By linking different products from us, you can often create solutions for your customers who work from the outset. Instead of trying to build their own solution to a problem. If you need help or want to make ideas, we’ll never be more than a call away.

More than just the hardware

Water and moisture can cause complex problems. Working with us at Tollco AB means much more than buying WaterFuse as complete system solution. You also have access to the knowledge about moisture and water management problems that we possess. We are more than happy to hold seminars, courses during breakfast or coffee breaks, etc. to train or further educate your staff to better provide your customers with the right products and skills.

Wholesale products

Below is a list of the products wholesalers have in stock at first place. If you would like any other product or special solution, please contact us or your wholesaler.