Stylish Kitchen Design Down to the Smallest Detail

We know that kitchen manufacturers are extremely meticulous when it comes to design and functionality. This also applies to how the inside of the cabinet under the sink looks.

Therefore, at Tollco, we have developed sinkliners and seals for sink cabinets where the appearance is customized to your wishes. The insert is placed at the bottom of the cabinet to protect it from leaking water and chemicals. The sinkliner prevents water damage while creating a smooth cabinet bottom that is easy to keep clean. The matching seal ensures a tight fit around hoses and pipes in the cabinet.

Sinkliners – Designed to Your Specifications
We customize the design, shape, and function of the cabinet sinkliner to your preferences. Our standard structure is smooth, but we can produce other textures, such as matte or rugged surfaces. Our standard colors are anthracite, white, silver, black, and transparent, but we can produce them in any color to match your design. The sinkliners can be customized to fit easily and perfectly into the sink cabinet.

Our sinkliners can be delivered in the color and with the surface texture that matches your design. We manufacture them in dimensions that fit your cabinets for quick installation.


Matching Sealing Kits – Easy to Install
The sink cabinet should also have sleek seals around pipes and hoses. Our seals are divided into two models – one for installation in existing pipe openings – Tollco Seals, and one for installation for new pipe openings – Tollco FlexSeals.

Our seals are easy to install and come in several sizes that fit pipes ranging from 10-80 mm in diameter. The result is a neat seal around pipes and hoses. They are complemented with our sealing compound. As they are openable, the seal can be easily opened and inspected.

With our unique flex seals, pipe and hose openings in the sink cabinet become tight in just a few minutes. They are perfect for use in quick installation of new kitchens to save time and prevent damage from water and chemicals. The seal is passed over the pipe and hose to be sealed. Then it is quickly screwed into the bottom of the sink cabinet. The flex seal requires neither glue nor sealant. Properly installed, the flex seal guarantees that the installation is watertight.

Here you can see how easy it is to install our flex seals. The result is a neat and tight pipe opening made in just a few minutes:

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