Tollco in collaboration with Swedish Osby Vitvaror

Choosing the right underlay for appliances is not entirely straightforward today. In the past, most refrigerators and freezers in the kitchen had standard dimensions, and one type of underlay worked for almost all models. That is not the case today. Appliances vary in both size and design. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the correct underlay. The wrong underlay can lead to extensive water damage.

This is something that Osby Vitvaror has taken to heart. Osby Vitvaror is a major player in the appliance industry in Sweden and focuses on selling appliances to property and construction companies. Thanks to a collaboration with us at Tollco, they can now be certain that their products receive the right underlay when they are sold and installed.

We at Tollco appreciate the trust and are pleased that, together with Osby Vitvaror, we can ensure that future end customers avoid unpleasant surprises due to the wrong underlay.

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