Tollco AB acquires WaterFuse from Prevecta AB

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Tollco acquires WaterFuse, 2017-06-01

Thomas Andersson, CEO of Tollco AB, announces today that we strengthen our concept Waterproof Kitchen, by acquiring Waterfuse from Prevecta AB. We are also very pleased to start a close cooperation with Erik Skoglund in connection with this.

This strengthens our position to be the market leader in water alarms, leakage switches, water circuit breakers and kitchen kettles. In short, through the acquisition of Waterfuse, Tollco can now offer our customers the widest and most comprehensive range in the Waterproof Kitchen segment, with water damage prevention products.

Our products in the Waterproof Kitchen concept are currently available at building trade, plumbing wholesalers, kitchen manufacturers and country agents in Nordic countries. For more than 20 years, we have built up a solid knowledge in the area and a wide network with a large customer base to quickly reach the market. Our concept and solutions create waterproof homes and ensure your everyday life.

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Erik Skoglund and Thomas Andersson

Water fault switches protect against water damage

Water fault switches create simple and safe solutions. Our waterfire switches have the WaterFuse brand and are systems that limit the risk of water damage in different types of real estate. We have systems that reduce the risk of water damage in villas, apartments, offices, individual equipment, but also systems that can be used as vandalization protection, presence-based access to water, water shutdown, etc.

Examples where waterfire switches can be used:

In the kitchen where the risk of water damage is high. This is done by placing a water detector with one or more water sensors under the sink / dishwasher. If the water sensors detect water, they begin to alarm and send a radio signal to the central unit that shuts off the water immediately. If you have a refrigerator with water refill we recommend placing a water detector under it when the risk of leakage is high.
Coffee machines / equipment
In the office, the coffee machines are often pressed around the clock. A water leak from a coffee machine quickly creates a large water damage in the office and often also the floor below. A water trap with water sensors stops the water leakage quickly and the damage can be limited.
Pressure test water pipes
Using the water fault switch to pressure-proof cable system also detects small leaks.
Switch off the water easily!
By switching off the water to the villa, the office, the summerhouse, the changing room, you protect the properties very effectively against water damage. The biggest damage always occurs when no one is in place.

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