Tollco in agreement with Europe's largest kitchen manufacturer

PRESS RELEASE, October 2023

German kitchen manufacturer Nobilia has signed an agreement with Tollco to supply Nobilia with sink cabinet inserts, pipe penetrations and underlay for appliances. The German giant produces around 3,900 kitchens per day, making it the European leader. The agreement with Tollco will initially focus on deliveries to the Nordic market. 

The sink cabinet inserts are adapted to Nobilia’s design and are delivered in one delivery together with the kitchens, which ensures the highest quality and service to their customers and that all deliveries are prepared for an installation that is protected against water damage. 

The fact that Tollco is now also represented in Nobilia’s range as a selected supplier gives Nobilia a unique position in the European market.

– We are very proud of this cooperation, says Thomas Andersson, CEO of Tollco.

The reasons why Nobilia has chosen Tollco’s sink cabinet inserts are several, besides the obvious prevention of water damage. Nobilia’s new product range from Tollco allows them to prevent water damage to the entire kitchen installation. 

The products are partly made of PP plastic and up to 30% of the material is recycled. This is significantly more sustainable than the solutions that were previously standard in Nobilia kitchens.

There are also great logistical advantages with Tollco’s products that will facilitate and save Nobilia in environmental footprint by choosing Tollco as a supplier.

For more information please contact Thomas Andersson, CEO of Tollco




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