Prevent water damage - in homes & properties


Do you have complete control over how you secure your or your customer’s home & property in a safe and cost-effective way? In the autumn of 2018, Tollco and Rätt Kunskap will launch an education that will make you aware.

In the training “Prevent water damage – in homes & properties”, we clarify the connection between water damage, problems and solutions. We highlight statistics, causes, costs, health and environmental problems and answer the question – why waterproof your home?

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Do you need it in English? Please contact us!

Through this engaging and popular training, you as a customer, designer, contractor or supplier get answers to what you are responsible for, arguments for further discussions with your customer, to ultimately achieve safe and healthy indoor environments, while reducing the environmental impact.

We are proud to hear time and time again that we have inspired and engaged the participants in a way they have never experienced before, and this is really something we strive for in every training opportunity!

So follow along and find out what social requirements, industry requirements and insurance terms you are facing. Let us simplify your everyday life by making you understand what professional execution is considered to be and what BBR means by its regulations and general advice, “should” and “should”. And not least what solutions are available on the Swedish market.

Why should I take the course?

The question is, can you afford to miss this education? No matter what job role you have, you will learn invaluable knowledge that pays off immediately. Learn to argue when buying and selling, realize the importance of preventing water damage and go home with a Waterfuse Plugin, to a value of SEK 2,500, after the training session.

Educational program/content

The training is developed in collaboration with Rätt Kunskap.

  • Introduction & target image
  • Risk picture – health problems and costs related to water leaks / injuries
  • Requirements – building regulations, industry regulations and insurance terms
  • Technical system solutions on the market – passive and active protection in theory and practice
  • Engaging group exercises and demonstrations of Tollco’s range (WaterFuse, DropStop, FoolProof, AquaTeam, and more)
  • Good insight and good arguments for creating high trust and good relationships with your customers as well as increased additional sales
  • Tips and tricks – what you should keep in mind when installing the various guards
  • Knowledge test / Diploma

Course objectives

The purpose of the training is to increase the participant’s knowledge and understanding of water damage from outside;

– Health problems
– Environmental problems
– Social, industry and insurance requirements

To give the participant in an engaging way arguments and tools for achieving safe and waterproof installations in homes and properties, in a professional and professional manner. This is done by, among other things, gaining knowledge of background factors, product range and technical solutions.

Target group

The training is aimed at a broad target group as we have good opportunities to adapt the content to the participants’ needs / background.

It is primarily aimed at kitchen fitters, plumbers and carpenters, but the training is equally rewarding for kitchen and white goods manufacturers as well as customers and prescribers.

Contact us for more information and planning of an education or choose one of our open educations below.

Previous knowledge

The education is carried out in Swedish and ends with a knowledge test in cases where a diploma is desired. An interpreter is not allowed.

For help with training in English, please contact us and we will plan such a training together.


Read Rätt Kunskaps terms, regarding e.g. cancellation policy.

From Norrland to Skåne – here we arrange the course this autumn:

  • Östersund
  • Stockholm
  • Sundsvall
  • Malmö
  • Umeå
  • Göteborg
  • Karlstad
  • Stockholm
  • Visby
  • Borlänge
  • Stockholm

May end or be supplemented with more cities and opportunities. For current dates, click HERE.


08:30 – ca 16:00.

Course leader:

Marcus Lundin, Christer Nordemo or Clas Crafoord Olsson

Course fee

Right now we have an affordable launch offer: SEK 2,995 excluding VAT (regular price SEK 4,495). Includes course material, lunch buffet and coffee, as well as a WaterFuse PlugIn (value SEK 2,500).

Paid 10 days from invoice date, however no later than 2 days before course start.


Sign up HERE.

If you are a larger number of people (> 10) at your company, we are happy to come to you and carry out the training in your conference room or at a hotel nearby. Contact us for cost suggestions.

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