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Waterproof kitchen

We at Tollco have two concepts that consist of a large number of products. They help prevent water damage in hidden spaces and pressurized water supply systems. These are marketed under our own brands: WaterFuse, FoolProof, AquaTeam and DropStop. Everything is made of very high quality materials.

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Comprehensive product range for water damage prevention in kitchens

This includes everything needed to be able to detect a leak as quickly as possible. The products are developed to meet the requirements set by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building regulations for leakage in hidden spaces. We can offer WaterFuse water fault circuit breakers for villa, apartment, cottage, public environment and equipment. Floor protection that is placed under the cabinet frames and white goods when installing a new kitchen. White goods protection that is placed under the fridge / freezer and dishwasher. Countertop inserts for a waterproof surface layer in sink cabinets. Hose bushing for dishwasher hoses and pipes in cabinets or other water-connected household equipment. Seals used around pipes, etc. Common to all types of underlays and protection is that they collect and lead water from a leak so it becomes visible before too much damage has occurred. The products are approved in the Building Product Assessment and tested / approved by RISE.

We also have alarms that warn when water drips in hidden spaces and water protection that shuts off the water supply when consumption is above normal value.

Tollco currently has a partnership with several insurance companies and many kitchen suppliers use our products as standard in their kitchens.


The widest range of Water Fault Switches, Leakage Switches and Water Switches

WaterFuse is the only brand on the market that can offer advanced water fault circuit breakers for villas and simple leakage circuit breakers that are adapted to kitchens, apartments, pressurized water equipment and public premises.

We also have a clean water switch that ensures that the water is turned off when no one is staying in the room, is best suited for schools and public rooms that are rarely visited.

WaterFuse has been on the market for 17 years and is a well-proven system.

Imagine if a water leak could be prevented before it did any damage! It can now, and you can calmly think of other things, should it start to leak or if a hose breaks, the water will be shut off immediately and you will be notified when you get home that your water fault circuit breaker has detected a leak and shut off the water.

We have thought of you and adapted our various systems so that you get the security and safety you need based on your needs, in many cases a simpler and cheaper system can be chosen and still do the same benefit.

Tollco currently has collaborations with several insurance companies that recommend our products. Financial contributions are often also given when installing our products.

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