Prevent water damage in the home and basement

Old pipes

There may be a water tap that drops. A wrench that is not dense or an old water meter in a crowded space. There are many hidden sources that increase the risk of leakage and water damage. When a leak occurs, it is important to stop the flow of water as quickly as possible.

We have developed systems, water fault switches, specially adapted to monitor and control water systems in villas and cabins. The systems are based on the following basic functions:

  • If you’re not home, turn off the water. WaterFuse® makes it easy.

  • Water detectors that automatically turn off the water when indicating leakage.

  • Water test pressure test after smelting (applies only to WaterFuse® – House)

WaterFuse® House provides thorough protection against water damage. You can easily turn on or off the water (even delayed shutdown is possible) with the central unit or remote unit. The system can also be connected to alarms.

Through daily control of pipe systems, very small water leaks can also be detected. Leakage control takes place automatically every time you leave the house. It can find leakage that is from 5ml / h, which corresponds to a crane that drops once / min. Leakage control provides long term security for you as homeowners, as hidden water damage is difficult to detect and can cause major damage.

The system also has one or more water detectors which are placed under exposed places as a dishwasher / sink cabinet. They alert if they feel water and send a signal to the central unit that immediately shuts off the water to the entire villa.

A house equipped with the system is also increasing in attractiveness of a sale, making it easy for an inspector to determine if the water pipes are dense. An installed system also contributes in most cases to a noticeable reduction in the insurance cost.

  • Easy on and off
  • Automatic leakage control
  • Identifies leakage quickly
  • Shut off and alerts
  • Opportunities to integrate with house alarms.


WaterFuse® Cottage is a simple built-in system that minimizes the risk of water damage in cabins and vacation homes. In case of leakage, the water immediately closes, which provides safety even when there is no one in place.

  • Easy on and off
  • Can be completed with several wireless units
  • Detects, shut off and alarms

What do the insurance companies say?

Water damage involves high costs for insurance companies. Therefore, many insurance companies support the installation of WaterFuse®. Please ask your insurance company for what is applicable.