Our concept

Watersafe Kitchen the concept

Watersafe kitchen creates security. All products in the concept are designed to collect, lead away, alarm and shut off water. They protect against leakage in the hidden spaces in your home. After installing our products, do not worry about major water damage in case of a leak. Of course, our products meet the requirements set out in the Building Construction Regulations and industry regulations Safe water connection 2016: 1. Our assembly instructions are also approved by Säkervatten. The products are included in the Byggvarubedömningen and Sunda hus. (The Byggvarubedömningen and Sunda hus makes an independent / impartial environmental assessment of building materials, from raw material to used product).


See extracts from the Building Regulations, BBR 6: 5334, regarding water connections on hidden surfaces:

“If there is a risk of leaking water and condensation on hidden surfaces, drainage from these surfaces should be arranged so that the water is quickly visible”

We spread knowledge about Watersafe Kitchen

We often attend exhibitions and lectures at housing associations to spread knowledge about how to prevent water damage. The movie below shows a brief description of some of the products and solutions we have. The film was made during NordBygg 2016n (unfortunately only available in swedish version). We will also exhibit at the next NordBygg fair, which will be conducted in 2018.

Why watersafe kitchen?

  • Prevent water damage
  • Save money
  • Market´s smartest products
  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations

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