Leakage protector fridge/freezer

läckageskydd kyl och frys

Leakage tray – K-series

Leakage protection for fridge and freezer, collects condensate water. We have 2 different brands, FoolProof & AquaTeam. The name for this type of tray is the K-series. They have different designs, but both are designed to quickly collect and lead water from hidden spaces. The FoolProof trademarks are injection molded. It is a stable tray with very easy mounting.

All you have to do is to:

  1. Pull out the fridge-freezer
  2. Wipe clean on the floor
  3. Remove the red protective film from the tape
  4. Place the tray in place and then push the tray into the floor.

Condensation leak

FoolProof K60 is designed so that a lot of small depressions collect water in the protection. A total of 1.3 l is on the substrate. Condensation leakage from fridge freezer is common, usually it is in the condensation bowl in the fridge but not too seldom the bowl is broken. Then the water is collected on FoolProof instead.

AquaTeam, usually sold flat. Then you can fold the corners yourself, but apart from that, they are as easy to mount as FoolProof. There are trays for all types of freezers, whether you have side by side, stand-alone or small refrigerator so you can prevent water damage. The non-standard leakage trays are under the brand AquaTeam.

Our trays are type approved (TGnr 0505/01), which means they have been tested according to certification line 057, Leakage Protection for appliances. The test has been performed by a third party, in our case, it is RISE (formerly SP) who performs the tests. The products are marked with the symbol below, the label is a receipt that the product meets the requirements.

Läckageskydd kyl-frys Vattensäkert kök 0505/01

Installation instructions are easy to understand, all moments are displayed using images. All of our trays have installation instructions accepted by Säkervatten. They are also included in the RSK database used in the HVAC industry.

Next time you buy new fridge freezer, be sure to remember to buy a leakage cover. Also look at the symbol that shows that it is type-approved, then you are sure to have a tray that meets the requirements for Leakage Protection for White goods.

Why watersafe kitchen?

  • Avoid water damage
  • Save money
  • Market´s smartest products
  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations

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