G-series, floor protector

The G-series floor coverings are used under the cabinet frames in the kitchen. It is a closed tray with folded sides so it collects water if a leak occurs. If you install this type of leakage protection, it is important that you complete with  a WaterFuse. Or, if you build new, then you complete the installation with our flood protection, AquaDrain and a regular water alarm.

Connect with the GD and D series

The G Series is perfect for pairing with a dishwasher tray or a tray from the GD Series. You make it easy with an AquaClip. If you choose to link the floor cover with another leakage protector, you only need to complete with a water alarm.

Product RSK-nr Art.nr Measure (mm)
G40 8080771 3005002-01-015 396 x 415 mm
G60 8080772 3005004-01-015 596 x 415 mm
G80 8080773 3005006-01-015 796 x 415 mm
G90 8080774 3005008-01-015 896 x 415 mm

Why watersafe kitchen?

  • Avoid water damage
  • Save money
  • Market´s smartest products
  • Mandatory according to prevailing regulations

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