Aquateam diskmaskinsunderlägg

D-series – AquaTeam for dishwasher

AquaTeam for dishwasher, place under the dishwasher. The hidden floor area is protected. Any water leakage is directed in front of the dishwasher quickly to become visible. Available in 3 different standard sizes. The installation instructions are easy to follow and, of course, approved by Säkervatten. The tray is made of impact resistant PP-Plastic. AquaTeam for dishwasher is tested and approved according to type approval 0505/01. The product is also accepted in the Byggvarubedömningen.

AquaTeam for dishwasher as a system

AquaTeam dishwasher tray allows you to easily connect with Aqua Clip with the floor cover under the cabinet. Then water from a leakage under the cabinet will be lead into the dishwasher tray. The water will be visible and you can fix the damage. Complete with DropStop water alarms that beeps if there is a leakage. Sold in well-stocked building department stores, white goods retailer and VVS wholesalers.

Manufactured in our factory in Knivsta.

Product RSK-nr Measure (mm)
D45+ 8039037 3001002-01-015 446×496 mm
D60+ 8039038 3001004-01-020 596×496 mm

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