WaterFuse- Apartment

WaterFuse Apartment: Protects the apartments from water damage.

WaterFuse Apartment protects against water damage by turning the water off if a water sensor senses water. Moisture sensors are placed in the water distribution cabinet and, for example, the dishwasher. The product has two main functions:

  1. A sensor in the water distribution cabinet senses leaks and turns off the water.
  2. The water detector detects, turns off and alarms if it detects a leak eg under the sink.

Water damage and mold

A water damage in the apartment often creates huge costs and discomfort. The costs are about remediation and restoration but also for evacuation residents. Water damage often also affects underlying apartments which they also need to be cleaned. Unfortunately, it is common for remediation and repair to last for several months. After the apartment has been restored, mold in the form of dead mold spores can still be left in the dried material. If mold spores come freely, they can be spread into the ventilation systems to other apartments in the property. This in turn can cause allergies and other health problems.

WaterFuse Apartment

If a leak occurs, the water ends in the water distributor where a sensor is located. When the sensor detects moisture, the system automatically turns off the water to the apartment. The external water detectors also provide efficient protection under the sink and dishwasher as well as in other sensitive areas. In case of leakage, a radio signal is sent to the central unit and water automatically turns off.

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Retailer list for WaterFuse

Product Art.nr RSK-nr
Apartment VFB200-DN15 561 98 68
Apartment+Remote unit VFB210-DN15 561 98 72
Apartment+water detector VFB220-DN15 561 98 76
Apartment Komplett* VFB230-DN15 561 98 80
Apartment VFB200-DN20 561 98 69
Apartment+Remote unit VFB210-DN20 561 98 73
Apartment+water detector VFB220-DN20 561 98 77
Apartment Komplett* VFB230-DN20 561 98 81

* Komplett includes remote unit and a water detector.

Extra wireless units Artikelnummer RSK-nummer
Remote unit 2220022 561 98 96
Water detector 2220042 561 98 97



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