Water monitors


Create security for the customer – install a water monitor with shutoff.

Which kind of water monitor do you need?

Why WaterFuse water monitor?

Turn off the water instantly.

Water leaks occur when the residents are not present. Often, water damages also occurs in hidden areas that are not visible on the surface. In these situations, it would be an asset to facilitate a system that identified the leak early on and stopped it. The solution is called WaterFuse – a product series of water monitors from Tollco that can be adapted to all types of risk environments and properties.

With a simple push of a button, the customer can switch off the water supply via the water switch when leaving the property, office, home or summer cottage. Should the accident occur, the system alerts about the water leakage and automatically shuts off the water. For you as an installer, WaterFuse is easy to install in kitchens and other risk areas.

WaterFuse water monitors

How WaterFuse works.

Is the customer hesitant about the value of a water monitor? When they find out what WaterFuse can do, the choice will be easy.

  • Turns off the water when no one is home – automatically, via alarm or with the push of a button on a remote control or mobile app.
  • Detects, alerts and turns off the water supply in the event of a leak, e.g. under a dishwasher.
  • WaterFuse water monitor automatically pressure tests the water installation after small drip leaks.
  • Temperature monitor in all water detectors – switches off the water at risk of freezing damage.

WaterFuse water monitor

When is WaterFuse useful?

  • In offices to protect against water damage from coffee machines or other water connected equipment.
  • In changing rooms or public toilets where there is a risk of vandalizing the sinks and toilets. Controlled by presence sensors.
  • Place water sensors underneath water-connected products in the house that, in the event of an accident, alarms and shuts off the entire water system. An automatic pressure test of the piping system is performed regularly and finds hidden leaks down to 5 ml/h.
  • In apartments, the risk of water leakage from management systems is concentrated to the kitchen and built-in dishes.
  • Our water monitor can be handled by anyone visiting the cabin. Feel free to supplement it with water sensors for exposed areas such as the underside of the sink cabinet.

Make it the last drop. Say goodbye to water damages.

Install a Waterfuse water monitor from Tollco.