We provide water damage protection.


Tollco develops water damage protection products and solutions that gains both craftsmen and property owners. We are recommended by insurance companies.  

Tollco fights water leaks. Before they happen.

Did you know that water damages cost Swedish property owners billions every year? Craftsmen and builders can also be forced to pay unnecessary costs when a water damage occurs after a renovation. You, as a constructor, know well how unpredictable a water damage can be. 

Therefore, Tollco exists. Our mission is to protect against and reduce the effects of water damages in properties. Based on decades of experience and knowledge, we have created a number of market-leading water damage protection products – our patented Watersafe Kitchen concept and our WaterFuse series of water monitors.

Quality and sustainability is our foundation.

Confidence, innovation and trust – three core values ​​that summarizes Tollco. We always strive to develop products of the highest possible quality. Products that are user-friendly, contribute to a sustainable environment and of course follow the rules and instructions provided by Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and Säker Vatten. 

  • Our products follows the rules of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.
  • Adapted for industry regulations regarding Säker Vatteninstallation (Safe Water Installation) 2016:1
  • Approved installation instructions by Säker Vatten
  • The product range Watersafe Kitchen is approved by the Building Material Assessment, BVB.
  • Type-approved products in Watersafe Kitchen by RISE
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

We educate and lecture on water damages.

Knowledge is the key to reducing the number of water damages. That is why Tollco organizes lectures and training courses that raise awareness of both fitters, craftsmen and property owners. 

Not sure how to install Tollco’s products? During our training for assemblers, craftsmen, contractors, designers and suppliers, we show how to install Tollco’s solutions according to industry rules for Säker Vatteninstallation (Safe Water Installation) 2016:1. We highlight statistics, causes, costs, health and environmental problems, and answer the question  – why should you waterproof your home?

Tollco AB support Giving People

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We are located in Knivsta, Sweden.

Tollco AB houses both it’s head office and manufacturing in Knivsta, located between Stockholm and Uppsala. We also have local sales offices in Malmö, Tranås and Piteå.