FAQs for Waterproof Kitchen

  • Where can I buy your products?
    As an individual, you can buy our products in well-stocked construction, such as K-Rauta, Beijer, XXL-Bygg and others. As a “craftsman” there are our products at VVS wholesalers such as Ahlsell, Gelia and Dahl.
  • How do I do if I need moisture proofing a cupboard floor / floor area that is larger than the undercoat available?
    It is a good idea to cut two coats using double bonding sealant. See the pdf library for installation instructions.
  • Why is my new water alarm piping?
    The contacts for the sensors must be pressed in properly. Also make sure that the clothed sensors are dry.
  • What is the type of plastic in the substructure?
    All coats are made of PP plastic (Polypropylene)
  • What does a type approval mean?
    A type approval proves that the product has been tested and approved in accordance with the rules / requirements that apply to this type of product. The tests have been carried out by independent companies, in our case, it is the SP that controls and tests our products
  • Which substrate should I use for built-in fridge / freezer?
    In this case, use K55 or K56 depending on the depth and width of the cabinet.
  • What is RSK?
    RSK is a type of article number used in the plumbing industry.


Frequently Asked Questions for TFX NonStick

  • What is TFX made of?
    Our TFX Nonstick products are made of glass fiber fabrics coated with multiple layers of PTFE. (PTFE is what creates the nonstick surface)
  • Is it safe to use TFX Nonstick for food?
    Yes, all our products in the TFX Nonstick concept are approved to come into contact with food in accordance with current EU directives.
  • Does the product contain dangerous substances like PFOA or BPA?
    No, our products do not contain these substances or other substances listed as hazardous to health.
  • How to use TFX products?
    Use the products for all types of cooking to prevent food from sticking. Protect the oven bottom from sticky and stuck food residue. All products have instructions for use on the packaging. Read it before you start using your TFX products.
  • Where can I buy TFX products?
    TFX products are available in well-stocked department stores, in the white goods trade, and on the web. Some of the sellers of our products are: Elon stores, Clas Ohlson, City Gross.
  • Can you use griddle on the gas grill?
    Yes, you can use the grid on both charcoal grill and gas grill. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Do not allow heat to exceed 260 degrees. Grilled under supervision. Properly used to help you get healthy food from the grill!

What can you find at Tollco?

  • Waterproofing products for kitchens
  • Smart accessories for the oven, grill and cooking
  • Products specially adapted for professional use