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The concepts that give you security and facilitate your everyday life!

Tollco has two concepts consisting of a large number of products that help to prevent water damage in hidden areas and products that promote healthy, easy cooking! For us it is two different business areas that consists of products developed by us. They are marketed under our own brands, Foolproof, Aqua Team, DropStop600, TFX.

Everything is made from high quality materials.

Watersafe kitchen

A comprehensive product range for prevention of water damage in the kitchen.

This includes everything that is needed to be able to detect a leak as soon as possible. The products are designed to meet the requirements of the national building regulations sets of leaks in concealed spaces. We can provide floor protection that is placed under the frames when installing a new kitchen. Appliance protection placed under the fridge / freezer and dishwasher. Benchinserts for a watersafe outer layer of the sink cabinet. Hose inlet for washing machine hoses and pipes in the cupboard or water connected household equipment. Seals for round pipes, etc. Common to all types of  products is that they collect and lead water from a leak, so it becomes visible before too much damage is done. The products are approved in Byggvarubedömningen and tested / approved by SP.

We also have an alarm that set off an alarm when it leaks in concealed spaces and water fuse that shuts off the water supply at a higher consumption than normal value.

Tollco currently has a partnership with several insurance companies.